230kV Long Spruce station - Manitoba

RCMT provided engineering services to a prime contractor on this engineering and procurement project.

The scope was to provide complete electrical, structural and civil engineering services for the design and construction of a new XLPE HV cable route for three additional circuits. The cables were run via cable trenches adjacent to the building before transitioning into precast duct bank sections. The cables terminate at the indoor GIS switch gear using Pfisterer type cable terminations. The scope included detailed cable routing in the GIS building basement which had to be 3D scanned and confirmed using data from a point cloud file.

power transmission facility

The scope of work involved reviewing the existing site plans, drawings, and other available technical information to provide a detailed cable routing suitable for construction purposes. As with the existing circuits being added or replaced, the cables were installed in an open-air trench with mechanical covers for physical protection. The bonding was done on the single-ended configuration, with the appropriate hardware and accessories allocated, including considerations for a grounding continuity conductor. The existing outdoor steel structure was reused and modified to accommodate the new cable.

3d scan of cable routing in the GIS building basement

The routing and layout included the design of necessary wall and floor penetrations, cleat spacing, cable bonding of the high voltage cable, and grounding continuity conductor. The scope also included structural steel calculations and drawings of cable supports. A Bill of Materials was created, which outlined and defined the lengths and quantities for the high voltage cables, earth continuity conductor, cable clamps and cleats, trenches, unistrut, grounding hardware, link boxes, and cable sealing ends.power transmission facility 3d model