138/69kV, 25MVA Mobile Substation

RCMT provided engineering services to an equipment manufacturer who served as the prime contractor on an EPC project for the design and delivery of a 138/69kV 25MVA Mobile Substation for a utility company.

The RCMT scope of work included design work required to produce the list of deliverables described below:

  • Overall layout of the trailers using 2D and 3D modeling
  • Grounding system details
  • HV connection details including conductors and HV cables with related accessories
  • Cable routing details and terminations including necessary cable tray system and cable support system
  • Collaboration with manufacturers using 3D technology
  • Panel Layout and Bill of Materials
  • Panel Connection wiring diagrams
  • Protection Relay Logic,
  • Relay parametrization
  • Communication Block Diagram

During engineering work on the above deliverables, RCMT had to work closely with the trailer manufacturer and the switchgear and transformer vendors. RCMT had to coordinate and integrate the complete design using the latest 3D tools to avoid interferences and verify constructability.

mobile substation 3d model